Kiran Raja Joshi

To join a company where I can build a long-term career and work with other talented people to consult clients, analyze systems, design solutions and help lead a team in implementation.
Recent Work Experience
MS in Computer Science & Engineering (GPA 3.7)
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Aug 2005
BS in Computer Science, Minor in Math (GPA 3.7)
Denison University, Granville, OH
Dec 2001
AAS in Computer Programming Technology (GPA 3.9)
Columbus State Community College, Columbus, OH
Jun 1999
Salutatorian, College Prep, Honors Diploma (GPA 4.0)
Columbus East High School, Columbus, OH
Jun 1996
Diverse Interests
A multidisciplinary education with interests in humanities, psychology, economics and engineering help me view problems from many perspectives. Answers are only as valuable as the questions asked and broadening my view helps me frame questions correctly. I have the analytical mind to create efficient algorithms, but good technical design is worthless if it's not used. So it's necessary to prioritize the business needs, help marketing and also design UI/UX with the understanding of the psychology of the user.
People Person
I believe that the focus in any business should be on the people we serve. Likewise, a critical aspect of the job is the quality of the relationships with our co-workers. Having lived in the America and Asia for over a decade each, I'm at home in the East and West. I've gotten along well with colleagues and clients from diverse cultures and backgrounds and can relate to people with different interests and perspectives.
Customer Service
I have learned the importance of making customers happy and satisfying their needs while balancing it with ease of implementation for the employee and costs for the employers. I've converted upset customers who received a wrong order into happy repeat customers. Home builder clients that wanted engineering plans done yesterday would be angry and call me directly but be satisfied when we delivered it tomorrow. Clients appreciated when we would stay late or pull all-nighters to solve critical software bugs. Customers would complain about receiving the wrong item from the website but be happy and order again.
Problem Solving
I have competed in programming competitions, worked on face recognition algorithms and question answering projects in school, helped optimize database queries and improved entire system work flows for clients. My experience has also taught me how to handle non-technical problems such as increasing engagement of clients and colleagues and noticing dissatisfaction from subordinates and co-workers.
Computer Skills
Personal Qualifications
Work Experience Expanded
Chief Technology Officer,, Singapore, Aug 2011 – Present was the first deal aggregator in South East Asia. After starting to sell their own deals, I joined as CTO. I helped scale the company and managed all tech aspects. We handled internal needs of other departments and also improved the website for our customers. We developed mobile applications on iOS and Android.

Head of Software Development, Maxus Media & Software, Singapore, Feb 2010 – Jun 2011

Maxus was a start-up company working on a software product. It was a plugin for Drupal and WordPress to aid the website owner in copywriting. We presented Contentian in Echelon 2010, a conference for start-ups in the region. I gained a lot of technical and entrepreneurial experience during this process. However, to generate revenue we had to transition the company to focus on developing web services for clients. We consulted and worked on several projects and a sample is described below.

One client that sells widgets wanted their work-flow automated. After several meetings with the client and asking important questions raising issues they didn't foresee, we designed the technical specs. We improved the security of selling their widgets online by better integrating Paypal payments. We implemented an inventory system for multiple warehouses and a system to communicate with the shipment company. We processed daily reports from the shipment companies as well as created daily reports that could be used by marketing and accounting. We also integrated with FedEx to allow creating custom branded emails sent to the customers.

Senior Programmer Team Leader, IT@Himalaya, Nepal / Netherlands, Jun 2007 - Oct 2009
I worked on projects for Intrum Justitia, Europe’s leading Credit Management Services company. We coded the backend that implements all the business rules for who gets bill reminders and when they’re sent to the debtors. As they changed business rules or added features (allowing people to pay in installments), I was the maintainer of the module. I also lead several sub-projects to import, export and automatically process data for SIMIM, which is the company that collects money for music royalties in Belgium. Procit sent me to the Netherlands for two months to get closer to the client and integrate with our European colleagues.
Personal and Academic Projects
Participations and Membership